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Only the Dr Oz Himalayan salt inhaler brings the health benefits of the natural environment of a salt cave right into your own home.

The Dr. Oz Himalayan salt inhaler is a hassle-free non-invasive and drug-free device that enables you to enjoy the amazing benefits of salt-air therapy. The use of sea salt for medicinal treatment for asthma and various other breathing illnesses is nothing new. Speleotherapy (Speleos Cave) and Halotherapy (Halo Salt in Greek) are well recognized in European countries. Both treatments fit in the category of drug-free treatment or physical therapy of disease.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Using salt for home remedies was initially proposed by Hippocrates the father of modern medicine who applied the age-old technique of inhaling the steam produced by boiling saltwater. Everyday use for a few minutes could – ease breathing – support rehabilitation therapies of the lungs and purify the breathing system. Salt-air can be very useful for breathing problems caused by pollen and other allergic reactions, asthma attack, influenza and other infections dehydrating recycled air.

While countless numbers of people swear by their Neti Pots, a few individuals, among them several children, won’t bear the thought of using liquid throughout their noses and sinuses. They would have a preference to take antibiotic, antihistamine, steroid, or puffers instead to deal with sinus irrigation.

Himalayan Salt Products

The Himalayan salt inhaler can bring numerous amazing benefits of the Neti Pot without the water.

The Himalayan salt inhaler is a ceramic unit that functions based on Speleo/Halo Therapy treatment fundamental, well-known for decades to be a valuable treatment method for a large number of lung ailments. A Polish health practitioner in the 19th century spotted that people working in salt mines rarely ever had respiratory disorders. Since then, Eastern European countries have gained a status for its salt caves, where many men and women travel each year to indulge in the healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal attributes from the caves’ salty air. Here, the symptoms associated with disorders which includes symptoms of asthma, swelling from the respiratory system, together with other allergic reactions can often be dramatically reduced or go away. The salt pipe attempts to re-create this particular environment using salt crystals put in between the ceramic filtering system of the unit. The humidity of the passing air will absorb the micro salt particles which consequently pass into the respiratory system to obtain positive effects.

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This salt comprises well over 80 mineral deposits and can be implemented in countless natural home remedies, in spa salon treatments and even while preparing food. Our genuine pink Himalayan salt is known for its many overall health benefits. We feature plenty of posts regarding all our Himalayan salt products collectively with other relevant facts. Please visit the Himalayan salt benefits page.

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