Edible Himalayan Salt Wholesale

Our Himalayan salt wholesale is perfect for restaurants, spa salons, holistic practitioners, organic barns and re-sellers

Are you looking to switch the chemically processed and synthetically enhanced sea salt in your house with a healthy, more natural substitute? Himalayan salt has the utmost nutrient content in comparison to any other alternative salts. This amazing salt is valued because of its multitude of health, detoxing and nutritional benefits.

Himalayan Salt Products

Our pink salt is extracted at the Khewra Salt Mines located well over 945 ft above sea level and approximately 2400 ft into the the foothills of the ancient Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.

All our Himalayan salt wholesale products are made in Pakistan and are certified 100% authentic

This two hundred and fifty million year-old salt crystal originates from the Jurassic times and has been shielded from harmful toxins and also environmental pollution for years and years.

Its delectable rough grains in diverse crimson, pink and white tones result in an thrilling dialogue piece along with an free of additive flavor enhancer for your most loved meals.

Himalayan Salt Wholesale

Himalayan salt certificate of authenticity

Our our edible Himalayan salt wholesale products are food-grade, 100% pure and organic compliant.

Our pink Himalayan salt coarse is best to make use of it whenever you are barbecuing or roasting beef, chicken or fish plus this coarse grain size could be used at the dining table in a small pepper mill. Create a bed using this beautifully colored salt for your food presentations of beef, fish, fruits or cheese…!

There are many ways to have fun with the tasty genuine flavor of this mineral-rich crystal salt.

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Our Himalayan salt benefits page has tons of information about this organic salt.

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