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Re-charge your house using our Himalayan salt lamp pyramid shape

This valuable authentic Himalayan salt crystal has been gently styled into the Egyptian Pyramid shape to assist to harmonize the nearby environment, not to mention that it can also charge nearby bodies with strength.

The Refined pyramid shape of the Himalayan salt lamp as the perfect resonator of randomly polarized micro-wave signals

Negative ions are generally triggered to help detox air flow from allergens as well as other toxins. Our authentic Himalayan Himalayan salt lamps are nature’s negative ion generators brought to your residence or office from deep beneath the Himalayan Mountain where nutrients levels are one of the finest.

Himalayan salt lamp

Vivid featuring rich colors, exceptional striations and glossy areas, every lamp is hand crafted from ancient mineral crystallized salt like a beautiful work of art. Each and every crystalline lamp is attached to a hand polished rosewood base, and comes with an electrical cable and light bulb.

Each and every Himalayan salt lamp pyramid shape is produced only using the very best quality Himalayan crystal salt available on the market. Check our our Himalayan Salt Certificate of Authenticity.

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This unique salt is made up of well over eighty nutrient deposits and is utilized in countless home remedies, in day spa salon treatments and in addition during the preparation of meals. Our original pink Himalayan salt is well-known for its countless remarkable benefits. Visit the Himalayan salt health benefits page. Our company feature so many articles and reviews about the Himalayan salt and also other important information and facts.

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