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Impress your friends using our 100% natural Himalayan salt blocks.

The authentic Himalayan salt blocks, plate, and also brick could be put to use as a 100 % natural grilling surface as well as serving platter. This awesome product produces various unique culinary applications while giving some great benefits of all natural, authentic Himalayan salt which has no harsh chemicals or additives.

Heat your Himalayan salt block progressively to high temperatures and sear very finely sliced beef, seafood, vegetables and other types of food that cook quickly. Or simply, cool the slab to be used in serving.

Himalayan Salt Block

Authentic Himalayan salt block, are excavated from deep inside the ancient Khewra salt mines located in the Himalayan mountain range , Pakistan. There, the pink salt has remained sheltered from the pollution of the environment and harmful particles for many years, making this what numerous recognize as the most natural, cleanest salt in the world. This particular wonderful salt is mined as large boulders of pink salt deposits and after that reduced into, slabs, blocks, bricks, dishes and also shaped like bowls.

The uneven pink salt crystals are afterward hand cut by professional masons into a number of sizes and shapes, producing the basic foundation for outstanding new means to cook and present your food.

Its astonishing when you hold the slab through the sunshine and you are able to see the catching and refracting of the sun’s rays in pigments which range from white crystal to apricot to deep crimson.

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Considering that the salt block is a biological product, the threshold for great heat and pressure can be different, as may the physical characteristics and inclusions which make your Pink Himalayan salt slab its distinctive style. You will soon discover the different ways this salt brick can create an exciting display of both hot and chilled dishes for your house, restaurant, spa or perhaps catering service. All our Authentic Himalayan salt products are “Gourmet Food Grade” and the very highest quality Himalayan salt accessible on the market. (Himalayan Salt Certificate of Authenticity)

Undoubtedly, there can be as many uses for your Himalayan salt block as there are foods.

The salt block’s lattice has a relatively superior particular energy (energy per unit of mass), this allows the crystal to hold virtually any temperature you heat it to for long periods. Furthermore, thanks to its smooth surface and also absence of moisture (.026%), this amazing pink salt slab can be effectively chilled or heated to just about any extreme.

Himalayan Salt Products

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This unique product offers over eighty mineral deposits and is made use of in many natural home remedies, in spa salon therapies and also while cooking foods. Our authentic Himalayan pink salt is well known for its numerous benefits. Please go to the Himalayan salt benefits page. There have plenty of posts about the Himalayan salt together with other relevant facts.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale

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Salt lamps wholesale

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